The Value of Grading

Accurate comic book assessment requires the trained eye of a professional, and it can be quite hard for even the most enthusiastic collector to objectively determine the page quality, condition and pedigree of a collection to arrive at the grade and market value that his books would receive at auction. For example, if you have a vintage you have a Amazing Spider-Man #68 in your collection, you'd want to know that a mint or near-mint 9.8 certified copy would bring in upwards of $4,000 (quite a bit!) However, graded at near mint plus 9.6, you might see it fetch only $385.

If the same Spider-Man #68 lacked the freshness of a brand new book, it might be graded and encased in a 6.0 Fine holder with a $20 retail value, and considering the $50 grading fee, you've just incurred a $30 loss!
Here at Certified Comic Books, we offer a walk through on how to economically and precisely determine the value of your collectibles, but you can find more info still at ComicConnect.

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